1. Yoga exercise enables one to gain extra energy power & peace of mind
  2. Extra energy power enables the growth of new blood cells and then helps to purify the blood
  3. The purifications of the blood cures chronic disease.
  4. The disease –free body provides strength to all nerves and blood vessels of the body .
  5. Healthy body provide a peasceful mind
  6. The removal of mental problems in an essential part of yoga.
  7. A peaceful mind will be reflected by shining countenance
  8. Realization of one’s mistakes and sins will helps one to gradually get rid of their bad habis which have been formed and to control their thoughts/
  9. A peaceful mind will seek to indulge in meditations.
  10. Meditation enables one to attain atmanantham(Eternal Bliss of Soul)

Benefits Of meditation

  • Increase the intellectual and memory power.
  • Peace of mind
  • Happy and stable life
  • Bright and cheerful always.
  • Mental stability
  • Will overcome lifes’s problems
  • Successful in anythings you undertake
  • Gets rid of bad habits
  • Maintain a good relationship with others buy cialis strips
  • To love others as much as you love your own self